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Friday, September 30, 2005

Site Launch

Posted by adamcs at 23:08. Category: General

At long last, we have launched our Liberty City Stories site! Well, sort of.

As you can see we're lacking a design, but Tank has assured us that we'll soon have a design that is "worth the wait!" Check out all of the new content and feel free to suggest any possible improvements by posting at our forum.

If you find something that you think is new and/or interesting relating to Liberty City Stories, let us know.

GameSpy Preview

Posted by adamcs at 23:01. Category: General

GameSpy got their hands on Liberty City Stories this week, and they put up a nice article which tells of their experience.

  • The controls are mostly the same as the PS2 versions of GTA3/GTA Vice City/GTA San Andreas.
  • The camera angle is not as flexible as it is in the likes of San Andreas, because there is no analog stick.
  • Trip-skip taxi feature returns!
  • Like all previous Grand Theft Auto titles, you have to unlock each island by doing various missions first.
  • Completing the mission "Driving Mr. Leone" unlocks Staunton Island.

Read the full preview here.

Screenshot Gallery Updated

Posted by adamcs at 22:49. Category: General

I just added 40-50 new screenshots to our gallery. Check it out.

Monday, September 12, 2005

4 new screenshots

Posted by adamcs at 19:15. Category: General

Two brand new screenshots from GamesRadar, and two un-watermarked screenshots that were featured in IGN's weekend preview:

Liberty City Stories Liberty City Stories Liberty City Stories Liberty City Stories

Thanks to n³wton for the heads-up.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

IGN preview Liberty City Stories

Posted by adamcs at 09:13. Category: General

IGN have released a preview for Liberty City Stories, containing several never-before-seen screenshots. Be sure to check it out!

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Official Site Launch

Posted by adamcs at 00:27. Category: General

Rockstar just mailed us to let us know that the official site has been updated with new screenshots, info, movies, an official trailer and more.

Check it out!

The US release date is October 25th 2005. Also, it seems Donald Love and Asuka Kasen are back... Mmm.

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Liberty City Stories @

Posted by adamcs at 09:42. Category: General have created a Liberty City Stories section containing various bits of information and three (low-quality) digital screenshots.

Liberty City Stories
Liberty City Stories
  • An astounding technical achievement, Liberty City Stories pushes the PSP to it's absolute limit, resetting the public's understanding and expectations of what is possible on a hand held gaming system.
  • See Liberty City like never before. Experience a whole new adventure in three classic boroughs: Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale. Dripping with nostalgia, each neighbourhood has been meticulously created for the PSP with all new businesses, pedestrians and adventures.
  • An all-new cinematic adventure that follows Toni Cipriani's return to Liberty City, his involvment with the Leone's, and their bitter turf war against the Sindacco Family, the police force and the Mayors office.
  • Freedom to play the game your way - play through the varied missions, or interact freely with the sprawling city.
  • Drive the best vehicles from the Grand Theft Auto universe. Get on two wheels with the debut of motorcycles in Liberty City, jack new cars, trucks and other vehicleswhile they cruise the streets.
  • Lookin' Sharp! For the first time different outfits have been made available to the player in Liberty City.
  • Amazing 3D visuals on the PSP due to enhanced draw distance, new lighting and shading models, as well as real-time reflections.

The release date is shown as 1st October 2005 and the game is recommended for persons of 18 years and over.


Friday, September 02, 2005

Miguel set to return

Posted by adamcs at 16:49. Category: General

Basti, a member of our forum, is reporting that the german Official PSP Magazine contains two brand new Liberty City Stories screenshots. One of the screenshots shows Miguel, a character featured in Grand Theft Auto 3.

In GTA3, Miguel was a highly ranked member of the Columbian Cartel. He was killed towards the end of the game after being tortured at a construction site (by Asuka) for allegedly killing the leader of the Yakuza gang.

Stay tuned for all the latest Liberty City Stories news and updates.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Digital Screenshots Emerge

Posted by adamcs at 15:46. Category: General

The first GTA: Liberty City Stories digital screenshots have been released online. The images come from and although none of the screenshots are new to us, they are certainly more pleasant to look at than grainy magazine scans. Enjoy:

Liberty City Stories Liberty City Stories Liberty City Stories
Liberty City Stories Liberty City Stories Liberty City Stories
Liberty City Stories

Thanks to flying_fox for the heads up.

Update: The screenshots have been removed from at Rockstar's request. Yet another silly mistake...

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