News for October, 2005

Friday, October 28, 2005

GTA Custom Soundtrack Loader

Posted by Luke at 19:58. Category: General

The "Rockstar Custom Tracks Converter" is now available for download at IGN, which enables you to convert purchased music to a format compatible with your PSP system.

This system is a lot different from previous Grand Theft Auto games, in that it limits the music you can use to purchased music only. In order for you to use this converter you must have purchased the CD from a store. This limitation also prevents you from using music legally purchased over the internet using services such as iTunes.

This tool does however, force you to make a choice. There's no mixture between radio stations and custom tracks, it's one or the other with no middle option. It's also worth noting that you must have at least one save file from the game before you can use this.

Based on the tool's official name: "The Rockstar Custom Tracks Converter", speculation may suggest that this will not only be used for Liberty City Stories but for future games from Rockstar too.

Download it here

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

New Cheats

Posted by adamcs at 18:51. Category: General

edisoncarter has uncovered several new button cheats for Liberty City Stories. View all of them here and expect more to appear shortly.

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New Artwork

Posted by adamcs at 18:49. Category: General

One new artwork has been added to the gallery. Check it out:

Link: Artwork Gallery

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Button Cheats

Posted by adamcs at 19:31. Category: General

edisoncarter has discovered the first ever valid cheat codes for Liberty City Stories:

Weapon Set 1
Brass knuckles, knife, molatov, 9mm, shotgun, tec-9, ak, flamethrower, sniper rifle

Weapon Set 2
Katana, Grenade, Revolver, Sawn-off Shotgun, Uzi, M16, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle w/ Laser Scope

Weapon Set 3
Chainsaw, Grenade, Revovler, SMG, Combat Shotgun, Minigun, Sniper

Money Cheat, Get $250000

Armor Cheat

Health Cheat

Raise Wanted Level

Clear Wanted Level

Unknown #1

Cars Drive On Water (New)

White Traffic (New)

Black Traffic (New)

Unknown #2 (New)

Unknown #3 (New)

Random Ped Outfit (New)

(We advise that you do not save with these cheats activated, as there is a risk of file corruption.)

If you find out what the "unknown" cheats do, please let us know!

More will be revealed shortly. Keep checking back for updates.

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Discuss Liberty City Stories

Posted by adamcs at 16:02. Category: General

Remember that you can discuss Liberty City Stories with other fans of the game by registering free at our forum. Being the largest Grand Theft Auto community, GTAForums has always been the best place for news and gameplay info.

    Tips, Tricks and Walkthroughs
    By Rob_UK
    Read tips/tricks/cheats and guides submitted by other people or submit your own.

    Link: Click Here

    Important Firmware Version Info
    By edisoncarter
    For anyone that wants mods or cheats: "The good news is, LCS only requires firmware version 2.0. With 2.0, you still have the option to downgrade to 1.5 and run homebrew. Homebrew is not just about cheesy games and emulators; any kind of mods or trainers or cheat device type codes will only be possible if you can run homebrew."

    Link: Click Here

    By Brown_Streak_RR
    Has the map been expanded? Can you fly helicopters? Everything you need to know about Liberty City Stories can likely be found in this topic.

    Link: Click Here

    LCS Secrets & Easter Eggs
    By kippers
    All secrets and easter eggs revealed! Find out about them or contribute your own findings.

    Link: Click Here

If forums don't appeal to you, you can talk about Liberty City Stories live through our IRC service. Fetch an IRC client (such as mIRC) and connect to on channel #gtalcs, or use the Java Applet.

New Artwork

Posted by adamcs at 15:42. Category: General

I've added one new artwork to our gallery:

Vincenzo Cilli
Vincenzo Cilli

Link: Artwork Gallery

New stuff at IGN

Posted by adamcs at 15:20. Category: General

Check out the following FAQ's written by Rockstar Games to help you progress through Liberty City Stories:

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

IGN Produce 4 More Videos.

Posted by Luke at 22:17. Category: General

IGN have added a further four videos to their site showing short clips from some of the action in Liberty City Stories. For those not yet certain in their mind whether or not to buy the game, these videos should provide an insight into the gameplay available. The four sequences show a wide variety of what to expect, featuring driving and fighting with elements of missions shown.

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Liberty City Stories Reviewed

Posted by adamcs at 07:05. Category: General

Cherck out IGN's five page review of GTA: Liberty City Stories which also contains a variety of new screenshots. IGN rated each element of the game individually, all of which recieved high 8.5's and 9.5's, with the game getting an overall 9/10. Impressive.

A reminder to those of you in North America - GTA: Liberty City Stories is in stores now, so go and grab a copy while you can.

Link: IGN Review

Monday, October 24, 2005

Side Mission Screenshots

Posted by adamcs at 17:16. Category: General

All of the screenshots from last weekend's IGN preview have been added to our gallery.

View them all here.

Official Site Update

Posted by adamcs at 16:06. Category: General

The official website has been updated with new multiplayer info, some new screenshots and also a multiplayer trailer. Check it out!

And be sure to check out the new teaser sites:

New domain, new design & more

Posted by adamcs at 15:59. Category: General

Welcome to

First of all, we apologise for the recent downtime - There was a hard drive failure and it had to be replaced to prevent database corruption. If you have visited previously you will notice that we have a brand new design - crafted by Tsuroki and coded by Luke.

As far as previews go - French site GameKult added a whole bunch of new screenshots to their gallery, which you can now view on this site. In addition, GamesRadar take an exclusive first look at the bonus tasks available in Liberty City Stories, and IGN have a similar article going. FirstCom Music has announced that "March Popakov Remix," a FirstCom-licensed track written by John Cacavas and produced by Danger Mouse, was selected as the theme song for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Be sure to check out all of the new screenshots in our gallery.

Liberty City Stories Delayed?

Posted by Luke at 15:33. Category: General

Some news that may disappoint you - the UK release of GTA: Liberty City Stories has apparently been delayed for one week. Neither Rockstar Games or publisher Take2 Interactive confirmed these reports, but UK game distributor Gem have announced that November 4th is the new release date. We're currently doing our best to find out more.

Source: Pro-G

EDIT: I've just got off the phone with Rockstar's headquarters here in the UK who have assured me that they are still on target for the 28th of October and that everything is currently to schedule, but insisted that they wouldn't know for sure until it was in the shops.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Game Sharing

Posted by adamcs at 19:58. Category: General has been updated and we now know that GTA: Liberty City Stories will feature Game Sharing. This is a wireless feature enabling users to share game features with others who do not have a PSP game in their PSP system. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fashion Preview

Posted by adamcs at 16:32. Category: General

This week IGN tell us about the outfits available in GTA: Liberty City Stories. Here is a quick summary of the preview:

Sometimes you may need a certain outfit to complete a mission, but the rest of the time Toni can dress as he pleases. You can also unlock new outfits as you progress through the storyline.

  • Casual - This is the outfit Toni is given at the start of the game. You must wear these clothes in order to keep a low profile.
  • Leone Suit - CJ had to respect his homies by wearing green, now Toni must respect the mob by dressing smart. This suit is likely to grab the attention of rival gangs, so if you're trying to keep a low profile I suggest you stay clear of this one. Hand-made silk, tailored in Portland.
  • Goodfellas - This is the one to go for if you are looking to grab the attention of the ladies. Toni's mother isn't mpressed by this outfit - she'd rather he dressed like his father used to.
  • Antonio - This outfit is named after Toni's proper name, "Antonio". Only his mother calls him this. Casual white t-shirt and jeans.
  • Sweats - Looking to drop some pounds? Grab one of these outfits and start exercising.

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Rockstar Leeds Interview

Posted by adamcs at 08:35. Category: General

IGN got a chance to interview Rockstar Leeds president Gordon Hall. There are also 3 new screenshots.

Now that multiplayer is out there's all kinds of things we'd love for you elaborate on. Are there any particularly cool technical aspects you could share with us? Why six players?

GH: Six players seems to be the sweet spot for us. It's enough players that you can get some seriously good competition going on and split into teams that are more than just two players each. On the other hand it's also a good number for us to implement multiplayer without having to sacrifice the things that make Grand Theft Auto great: an open, living world in a city that is populated by pedestrians, traffic and other ambient life. Any more than 6 and we would have had to pull those aspects of the game, a compromise we weren't willing to make.

Check it out!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Frank Vincent Speaks

Posted by adamcs at 09:16. Category: General

This week, IGN spoke to Frank Vincent, the voice behind Don Salvatore Leone:

IGN: Did you do the recording for all three games at the same location? What was the process like? What was the best thing about it?

Frank Vincent: I think we did the first one someplace else, in a different studio. And I think we did the last two - San Andreas and Liberty City - at Rockstar.

I know that they're English guys and they really, really flattered me and treated me with a lot of respect. It's nice to get that respect from the people you're working with and the producers who I've worked with as well. They really treated me great and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Read the full interview here, and check out the two brand new videos that IGN have uploaded.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Media Update

Posted by adamcs at 08:15. Category: General

Check out the updated Artwork and Screenshot galleries, which now contain all of the media assets from the 1UP preview.

Artwork Liberty City Stories Liberty City Stories
Liberty City Stories Liberty City Stories
Liberty City Stories Liberty City Stories Liberty City Stories

I've also replaced a majority of the screenshots with higher quality/higher resolution copies:

Liberty City Stories Liberty City Stories Liberty City Stories

Links: Artwork Gallery, Screenshot Gallery

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ray Machowski

Posted by adamcs at 18:11. Category: General

Ray Machowski has now been confirmed as a returning character in GTA: Liberty City Stories. Ray, voiced by Robert Loggia, was a corrupt police officer working for the Yakuza gang in GTA3. He is best known for his paranoia.

Artwork released by Rockstar earlier in the year suggests that Ray will feature in Liberty City Stories, although nothing has ever been confirmed. Take2Games recently updated their main page with the same artwork shown under the filename "feature_LCS_mach.jpg":

Ray Machowski

Mach = Machowski, obviously. It's not exactly big news (and I'm sure it was fairly obvious) but nevertheless, worth mentioning. Stay tuned for more updates.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Talk about LCS!

Posted by adamcs at 16:29. Category: General

As the release date draws closer, more details are beginning to emerge and more people are talking about GTA: Liberty City Stories. GTANET offer two methods of chat:

  • You can register FREE at - the largest Grand Theft Auto community on the net - and discuss Liberty City Stories at our dedicated section along with gamers just like yourself.
  • You can also discuss Liberty City Stories LIVE through GTANET IRC. If you don't have an IRC client, you can use the java version by going here. Simply enter your desired screename and join "GTA:LCS".

Everybody is welcome!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Multiplayer Section

Posted by adamcs at 18:54. Category: General

Check out our new multiplayer section - it contains everything we know to date about multiplayer in Liberty City Stories, aswell as some technical details as to how it will actually work.

"There are seven gameplay modes, each supporting upto 6 different players. You (the player) choose where you want to play, and who you want to play as. However, it's not quite as easy as that. If you want to play in Staunton Island, you must first unlock Staunton Island by successfully completing all of the Portland missions, and similarly, you must complete all of the Staunton Island missions to unlock Shoreside Vale."

Read more.

More Previews

Posted by adamcs at 13:37. Category: General

This weekend the big secret was revealed - Grand Theft Auto is going multiplayer.

TotalVideoGames, Euro Gamer and 1UP tell us about it:

"Easily accessible at any time, the Multiplayer mode allows six gamers to battle across seven different gametypes, including the aforementioned Deathmatch, a Capture the Flag based mode called Get Stretch, and a team-only game entitled Protection Racket. Before we dive into the various aspects of the game however, it’s worth noting this: whilst we played the single-player mode via a PSP running off a development kit, the multiplayer game was being played out across Wi-Fi. One of the guys at Rockstar was hosting the game on his PSP and therefore the load times for the multiplayer aspects, which were quite short, were probably close to the eventual final build of the game."
Total Video Games

"Perhaps the only potential drawback we noticed in our hands-on time with the game was how large the environments were. Because each game takes place in an entire city from the single-player game, there's quite a lot of room to move around. Naturally, the faster cars will help you zip around the city with ease, but it can be a daunting task to get from one side of town to the other quickly. Plus, given the size of each location, it seems likely players will be able to find good hiding places where they can go and sit with a rocket launcher. To counter these concerns, Rockstar has added a special ability for multiplayer where players can run forever without getting tired, and there are various power-ups strewn about (such as "mega damage," bullet-proof vests, and radar invisibility) that should help with the gameplay balance."

"Let's start with the stats: up to six players can join in a wireless multiplayer game, either as teams or with every man fighting for himself. Or lady for herself - there are nine characters to choose from initially, including mobsters, hookers and a friendly-looking old lady. Who's not so friendly-looking when she's got a giant rocket launcher pointed straight in your abdomen."
Euro Gamer

Here's a quick summary of the Euro Gamer preview:

  • Liberty City Stories "ties various things from previous GTA games together".
  • When targeting, you have the option to auto-aim or free-aim.
  • The radio stations are the same as in GTA3 except for a few additions, including a world music station.
  • Graphically, Liberty City Stories is better than GTA3. Draw distance has been increased and reflections have been added.
  • As you progress through the game, you can unlock more characters for the multiplayer games. There are over 60 in total, and you can earn new outfits for them.
  • A map in the bottom left hand corner shows the position of your opponents and the locations of various weapons/pickups. Green is for shotgun/armour, pink is for sniper rifle, orange is for AK-47 and so on. Pickups are represented by red stars, and include "invisibility mode", which means you won't show up on your opponents radar but still appear in-game, and mega-damage which makes your weapon 4x more powerful. There is also "Frenzy", which gives you a rocket launcher and unlimited ammo, but only for a short time.
  • As for loading times: The initial load will be about 20 seconds, and the load between one island to another is about 12-14.
  • A new fully charged battery will last you 4 hours.

Read More: 1UP, TotalVideoGames, Euro Gamer (Thanks to Adriaan for this one)

Stay tuned for all the latest news and updates.

Official Site Update & Multiplayer Confirmed

Posted by illspirit at 02:45. Category: General

Just recieved an email from Rockstar to say that the official site has been updated.

There are several new screenshots, some new emails, a few desktop wallpapers (including one that's desgined for a PSP system) and also a new trailer, but the thing that immediately caught my eye is the new "Multiplayer" section.

  • 1-6 players can take part.
  • At the moment Rockstar have announced 3 multiplayer games:
    • Liberty City Survivor: The first player to reach the kill limit or have the most kills when the timer runs out wins the game. Kill another player and earn yourself 1 point, but if you kill yourself 1 point is deducted. You can also compete in groups - one gang versus another. Sweet!
    • Protection Racket: Destroy four limos in the opposing team's base, or defend four limos at your own. The game is played in 2 rounds, and each team will automatically be assigned the defending or attacking roles. The time it takes to destroy the four limos is calculated and shown on screen. The roles of attacking and defending then switch and the time you scored starts counting down towards 0. The new attacking gang must destroy the four limos within that time or the opposition will win.
    • Get Stretch: Similarly, you must steal as many cars from the opposing team's base and return them to your own. The gang that reaches the target score first or steals the most within the allocated time wins the game.

More multiplayer games are to be announced soon.

Also be sure to check out the new teaser sites: Electron Zone Radio & Bathtub Gin Still.

Link: Official Website

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