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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cheat Device v0.7

Posted by adamcs at 12:06. Category: General

edisoncarter has released Cheat Device v0.7 for GTA: Liberty City Stories.

No Gravity Drive bikes on walls

New Features:

  • Bikes can drive on walls
  • Gravity
  • Freeze everything
  • Gameplay speed
  • Walking speed
  • Flip over
  • Unlimited heli flying height
  • Cheat Maker

Release Notes:

  • Helicopters can now break the height limit.
  • Gameplay Speed is the same thing that's controlled by the Faster Gameplay and Slower Gameplay button cheats. In LCS, gameplay will only speed up as much as the CPU can keep up, so it usually doesn't achieve full 2x speed, let alone higher speeds. 333MHz can help that. It also won't go slower than a minimum speed.
  • Walking Speed makes you move faster on foot. 2.5 is a good choice for quicker walking. Higher values can be hard to control and work like walk-through-walls. You can moonwalk by setting a negative value.
  • With Bikes Can Drive on Walls, whatever direction the bottom of your tires is facing is the direction of gravity for you.
  • You can now set gravity to any amount you want. The gravity setting persists after CheatDevice exits, so you can enter multiplayer with modified gravity. Press X to turn on the button control up=reverse.
  • Freeze Everything works like it did in San Andreas.
  • Gravity and Freeze Everything don't always apply to all vehicles, only aggressive drivers and cars you've touched. You can use this to simulate the Bubble Cars cheat from San Andreas. With zero gravity, cars you touch float away. Bikes Can Drive on Walls gives you your own personal gravity on bikes, while everyone else is subject to zero gravity. You'll probably also want Heavy Bike to make it more fun.
  • If you want Gravity and Freeze Everything to apply to all ped vehicles, use the Aggressive Drivers button cheat (SQUARE, SQUARE, R1, X, X, L1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE).
  • The Cheat Maker feature is only intended for programmers and skilled cheat developers. You can screw things up in innumerable ways if you don't know what you're doing.

Download links and related info:, GTAForums Topic, Cheat Device FAQ

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Coming to a PS2 Soon!

Posted by Luke at 22:25. Category: General

A Take 2 Interactive press release made today briefly touched on plans for a PS2 port of the currently PSP exclusive Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The statement also reiterates that another title is in development for the PSP. At this stage we have no information about what to expect in these future releases, we can expect more information to come closer to the time.

Speculate on the forums or read the statement for yourself.

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